Helping companies balance customers, technology and their business


lowercase is the consulting umbrella of Craig Sturgis


  • Enterprise, smb, consumer, and marketplace strategy
  • Planning and roadmapping
  • Tech leader coaching
  • Product management coaching
  • Success measurement
  • Analytics, reporting, and dashboarding
  • Tech program management
  • Agile and lean startup coaching


  • Thoughtful, intentional, transparent approach
  • Multi-disciplinary customer first approach

    • Software product development and engineering
    • Product Management and Product Marketing
    • Sales and Marketing and Customer Success
    • Finance
    • UX and Design
  • Applied experience and learning

    • Enterprise marketing tech product leadership
    • Consumer and SMB focused marketplace product leadership (public company)
    • Consumer and marketplace product technical co-founder (1M raised to public launch)
    • Enterprise marketing tech startup 2nd engineer
    • Enterprise marketing tech scale up engineer


The thrill of day in, day out feedback loops and applied learning and that lead to success.

The drive to always get better and be a force multiplier to scale up impact.

The joy of helping others do the same .

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